Soloing branches *per user* - show and track all branches created by a selected user hide all others

As a user, I would like to isolate all the branches belonging to the selected user (most often myself).
It will help to focus on managing my branches while reducing all the "noise" of other developers.
(isolate similar to solo mode, auto-show branches created by user, auto-hide other branches)

As a developer, I would like to keep all my branches always rebased on the latest commit, isolating my branches will reduce the searching time and keep workspace minimalistic.
As a lead, I often want to see active branches created by a developer to make sure it's managed correctly.

I think it's very similar to the "Solomode" with a significant improvement of new branches *automatically added* (since they are matching the condition of being created by the user).

Under consideration Suggested by: Nathan Upvoted: 28 Jul Comments: 0

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