In the terminal, pressing tab should autocomplete up to the next conflict.

When typing, the options showing up in a dropdown is great! However, for example with the cd command, when pressing tab, it should autocomplete up to the next conflict, e.g.:
> cd fo [choices are: foo-bar, foo-baz]
pressing tab should result in this:
> cd foo-ba

- 'Tab' autocompletes up to the next conflict.
- There's no default highlighted option initially. An option is first highlighted only when the up-down arrows are used.
- 'Enter' inputs the highlighted dropdown option, else runs the command if there's no options selected.
- Depends on the settings.

Use case example with a bigger directory structure like this:
I would need to either type the whole thing, or type 't' + Tab n-times. As with most CLIs, I would just type 't' + Tab (at this point 'team-name-product-name-service-' would be entered) + the number.

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