Workspaces for custom Git servers (non GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket/etc)

The way my work repos are set up, I have a "workspace" folder which contains a "src" folder, and that src folder contains 5 more folders, each of which is a git package from a different repository.

When I use GitKraken, I have to have 5 tabs open when working with this project. This wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that I have TWO versions of this project, each of which has 5 git repos, which have the same names but are on different branches. It's pretty confusing to have 10 tabs open, especially since the names are duplicates.

Workspaces could make this much less painful. I don't need the ability to share workspaces with my team, etc. I just want a way to group all these repositories so that there's less clutter and less time trying to find the tab I actually want.

It seems clear to me there's a way to do this in a way that works with any git server. It'd probably be local-only, but that's all I want. A way to group repositories to keep the tab clutter down.

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Comments: 4

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