Improve the UX of the tree view (when many merges)

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As a user, I want to clearly see inputs/outputs of commits to be able to quickly read the tree graph.

Some commits can be both "merges" (2 input branches merge together) and be at the same time "ancestors" of 0 to N branches. Currently, GitKraken usually renders the input and output branches by flowing in/out of the commit node in the horizontal direction. This is counter-intuitive when reading the tree view (one cannot detect the flow of the graph easily).

Most of the other Git GUI (gitk, sourcetree, fork, ...) avoid this problem by forcing input branches to merge from the bottom direction and/or output branches to spawn in the upper direction. Thus, they are better adapted when quickly analyzing complex graph structures.

Under consideration Suggested by: Jean-David Génevaux Upvoted: 08 Jun Comments: 0

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