Ability to view large commits without locking the UI

As a user, I'd like to be able to view large commits (on the order of tens of thousands of files) without the UI becoming unresponsive while the file list loads. Currently, with the latest version under Windows 10, selecting a large commit (or refreshing the view of a large commit), the UI will not process any other commands while it waits for that operation to complete. This delay can be many minutes, proportional to the size of the commit.

It will highlight the item under the cursor and even show popup menus, but will not take any action when clicking on things. It will not let you select a different commit and it will not let you close the active tab or switch to another tab.

Ideally, no operation should be blocked during a file list load. I would suggest stopping the load if the user switches to a different commit or perhaps in some cases continue performing it in the background without blocking other commands. I'm sure the implementors can find a good way to make this better.

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