Allow different sorting methods for Tags

As a [user],
I would like
to have the possibility to sort the tag list by date or by name.
In my dev team, tags are not only used to indicate version number,
but also to indicate customer, point of interrest or anything else.

In addition, when it comes to version number, you stick to Semver sorting.
But we use Major.Minor.Year.DayInYear in our notation.
And we came to a point that the list was not ordered as expected.

For example :
Version 10.3.2021 comes after 10.3.2020. that's ok.
But :
10.3.2021.12 comes before 10.3.2021.13
like this :

Thus, when we select the last entry in the list, we are not brought to the last TAG

Under consideration Suggested by: N. PERNOT Upvoted: 16 Sep Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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