Add an option to hide Summary/Description in commit message and let us just time a plain message.

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Please add an option to hide Summary/Description in a commit message window, I never use it and just type everything in description, Summary just eats up my display space. Size of the commit message window is already restrictively small to waste it for summary and description as I can't see the full message as I type it have to scroll back and forth to read and edit it. I understand that it's a part of git best practices to have a shot summary and a longer description in your commit message but git client itself does not enforce it in any way and has just a message option -m with commits. Having summary and description is rather a github convention and can't/shouldn't be enforced. Some people use this convention some not, having a simple switch in option to switch between summary/description and simple message would appeal to both parties :).

Under consideration Suggested by: Vlad Sharanhovich Upvoted: 28 Mar Comments: 6

Comments: 6