Support group level labels in the GitLab issue integration

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As an user, I want to be able to assign (GitLab) group level labels and not only project labels to an issue in GitKraken so that I don't have to switch between the different interfaces.

** Details**

Currently, only labels defined in the same GitLab project as the issue itself can be added in GitKraken (GitLab integration). Labels defined on group level(s) can not be added to an issue in GitKraken and show as "No Match". Issues in GitKraken, however, displays any label assigned in GitLab, also labels from the group level(s).

In GitLab, labels are often defined on the lowest group level so that all child projects use the same set of labels.

Having the exact same set of labels available in GitLab and GitKraken issues would increase productivity and reduce confusion.

Under consideration Suggested by: Yukio S Upvoted: 03 Feb Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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