Commit Message Char Counts

As a GK user
I want to see character and line numbers on the commit message input boxes
so that I can easily format messages according to the 50/72 rule or other similar conventions.

The 'subject' line has a char count, but not the 'description' field. If the focused line also had a char count, or there was an indication of the cursor line and column/character position (as most text editors have on their status bar), developers could manage this as they type (if they are concerned with character counts).

Another potential solution could be a customizable right-hand-margin line that many IDE's include (sometimes at a default 100 or 120 chars). Would need to be shown independently on the subject and description fields to allow for a 50/72 type rule.

Under consideration Suggested by: Adam Wilson Upvoted: 17 Aug Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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