Make exiting of fullscreen mode more obvious

As I user I want to be able to exit fullscreen mode in an easy way.

For some context. I got stuck in fullscreen mode and could not find a way out as there is no menu bar and the hotkeys I expected to work did not do anything. I had to search the internet and Stack Overflow helped me in the end about the shortcut CRTL+SHIFT+F. I had used that shortcut to fullscreen my remote session as that software uses the same keys, but did not realize that was the reason GitKraken got into fullscreen.

I tried these ways to get out of fullscreen mode:

* Looked for some "exit fullscreen" button/thing
* Press ALT (hoping it would bring up the menu bar)
* F11 (as used often for fullscreen)
* F10 (sometimes used to focus menu bar)
* Escape (I wanted to get out)
* Exiting and restarting GitKraken (restarts back into fullscreen mode)

This was on Ubuntu 20.04 maybe it is OS related.

Under consideration Suggested by: Michel Upvoted: 30 Aug Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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