Support more interactive rebase commands and external rebase states

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As a developer, I would like support for the rest of the interactive rebase commands in order to properly enable cleaning up branch commits when rebasing.

Currently we have 4 of the possible 11 commands for rebasing interactively:

✅ p, pick
✅ r, reword
❓ e, edit
✅ s, squash
❓ f, fixup
❓ x, exec
❓ b, break
✅ d, drop
❓ l, label
❓ t, reset
❓ m, merge

This would be a fantastic feature in general, and there are also unexpected side effects when rebasing externally and Git Kraken is used to commit changes during an edit/fixup/break stage in the rebase.

General improvements for supporting external rebases would help significantly: e.g. the HEAD is set explicitly and the rebase ends resulting in a premature HEAD of the changes and loss of rebase progress.

Under consideration Git Functionality Suggested by: Tom Piddock Upvoted: 13 Jun Comments: 26

Comments: 26