As a user, I would like to see the branch that a commit belongs to at a glance

Currently, when going through the GIT history of a repo, the only way to determine which branch a commit belongs to is to follow its tram track all the way up to the head of that branch, where the name label is clearly displayed. It would be great to make this easier to find, without having to possibly scroll up multiple times, while also keeping our eyes firmly locked on the tram track we're following.

I think we can tackle this with 2 updates:

Display the branch name associated with a tree section when a user hovers over one of the tram tracks, as well as:

Display the name of the branch that a commit belongs to in the right hand information window (where the commit message and commit files are displayed). This could be listed under/over/next to/around the commit hash, or near the parent hash, or just somewhere else in that section.

I believe that these updates would make working with GitKraken much more efficient

Under consideration Suggested by: Luke Upvoted: 22 Aug Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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