Ability to run custom shell scripts

Add custom commands to the toolbar and context-menus to quickly run custom shell scripts.

I have some shell-scripts in my home-directory that I run when my working-directory is my git-repo and these scripts automate some common git tasks, such as deleting branches that have been merged into production branches, etc.

Letting me run shell scripts and other shell commands directly from the GitKraken toolbar without needing to fire-up a terminal would save me a lot of time and also means I can add support for simple tasks to GitKraken myself.

Ideally we'd be also be able to add commands to all context-menus too (such as a branch or stash's context-menu) and GitKraken would pass the name of the object/branch/stash/ref as a command-line argument into the script.

Under consideration Suggested by: Dai Rees Upvoted: 26 Aug Comments: 6

Comments: 6

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