Support `autosquash` with `fixup!` commits

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As a developer, I would like to easily squash commits prefixed by `fixup!`, in order to quickly rebase branches without reordering fixups manually.

This feature is natively supported by `git` with the `--autosquash` option and by `git-cola`.

Current steps to achieve the same goal today:

1. reorder the commits by hand;
1. select `squash` in the commit fix;
1. edit the comment of the main commit to remove the duplicate messages.

Those operations might be very tedious, time consuming and error prone especially when there are a many commits to fix and/or many fixups. Above all when you have to cancel the rebase for some reasons and start again.

With the `autosquash` feature, the same need could easily and quickly be done. It would just require to prefix the commit with the `fixup!` magic comment and let the tool automatically achieve the 3 steps above: reorder, select the `squash` mode and remove the duplicate messages.

Not planned Suggested by: Sébastien Tisserant Upvoted: 18 Jun Comments: 9

Comments: 9