Improve support for Co-authors

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GitHub has support for special annotations in commit messages to give credit to other co-authors who worked on the commit (see ). This is quite common when doing pairing or ensemble programming (aka mob-programming).

GitKraken supports some of that feature, and shows multiple avatars for commits authored by multiple people.

Adding the data to the commit message is tedious and error-prone, so I would love to have to help from the UI, and having for instance :
- a button somewhere to add a co-author to my commit
- maybe a way to look up co-authors from GitHub or from the list of authors of the current repo

Possible alternative : allow to add to a commit message "saved snippets" to quickly add a piece of text to a commit message. I could have created a bunch of snippets with the "co-author" of my coworkers and use it to quickly insert it.

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Comments: 3